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By partnering with us for your information technology needs, you get an entire staff of experts at your service without the overhead. We work with you to ensure that your company has the most efficient, user friendly and cost effective solutions available.

Meet Our Team

Laurie and Tom Vonglis

Tom and Laurie Vonglis


As Rotarians engaged in business we are dedicated to promote the highest ethical standards in our vocation, be fair to our employees, associates and customers, and to improve the quality of life in our community

Shawn Petti

Shawn Petti

Director of I.T.

Experience in IT: since 2001
Degree: SUNY Brockport – BS, Computer Science, Information Systems
Certifications: A+, ADD, Dell, Datto, SonicWall
Specialties: Customer Relations
Notable Accomplishments: NY Army National Guard

Kara Petti

Kara Petti

Director Of Operations

Experience in IT: since 2001
Degree: SUNY Brockport – BS, Computer Science, Advanced Computing
Certifications: Dell, Datto

Bill Schifferli

Bill Schifferli

Systems Engineer

Experience in IT: since 1999
Degree: RIT – BS, Information Technology
Certifications: Datto
Specialties: ASP .NET development, Datto

Corey Freeman

Corey Freeman

IT Technician

Experience in IT: since 2002
Degree: AS, Computer Information Systems
Certifications: A+, MCP
Specialties: Desktop Support, Cabling

Allison Hayes

Allison Hayes

IT Help Desk Technician

Experience in IT: since 2010
Degree: Clemson
Certifications: Dell
Specialties: Customer Service, Hardware

Morgan Gunther

Morgan Gunther

Systems Administrator

Experience in IT: since 2015
Certifications: Dell, Datto

What Our Clients Say

Jerry Koehler

CEO, Genesee Valley FCU

"Hurricane Technologies has been very helpful in providing our credit union with mission critical systems engineering. They have been fast and efficient while helping us maintain costs. They are an excellent resource for everything from desktop PC support, MS Exchange Server, LAN/WAN management and proactive maintenance. As a non-IT manager, I find their ability to explain their system engineering in plain English very refreshing."

Greg DiFrancesco MD

President, Accelcare

"Had a new cleaning company come in and refinish our floors. The next day when I came in there was a huge scratch in the floor all the way down the hallway. The cleaning company claimed the scratch was already there. I pulled up the images on the DVR which showed a guy dragging a table down the hallway. I sent the video over to the owner of the company, who immediately called his insurance company. Thank you so much for the DVR system!"

Richard McCorry

Facilities Manager, Power & Construction Group

"We have used Hurricane Technologies as our IT consultants since 2006. During that time, we moved one of our operations centers and Hurricane guided us through this process which involved logistics, wiring phone, security system and data lines, interfacing with our Internet and phone provider, and a myriad of other tasks. Through it all, Tom Vonglis and his staff continually went the extra mile and cheerfully took on tasks which others might have said was outside their purview. In terms of competency, commitment, foresight and adaptability I would give Hurricane Technologies my highest recommendation."

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