Offsite Cloud Data BackupKnowing your data is backed up and protected from loss is priceless in today’s business world.

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Why use offsite data backup?
Offsite backup is the key to a secure dependable backup solution. We know that disaster can strike and cannot stress enough how important it is to have your data secured at an offsite location. With our partners we make offsite backup simple. We will install, configure and test your backups to ensure your data is able to be restored in the event of a failure.

How often will my data backup?
The backup software can be set to backup almost continuously if needed. We recommend one backup per day. Most users can recover if they lose one day of data, but if you have important data and need it backed up continuously we can offer that option as well.

How much does data backup cost?
We currently offer pricing per client and per GB of data. This allows you to pay for only what you use. Contact us to get a custom quote for your backup needs.

Will my data be secure?
Our solution offers several features that provide maximum security when backing up and archiving data. Files are first packaged to ensure that bandwidth is minimized during transmission. The data is then encrypted using a unique 256 bit encryption key that you choose to ensure that files cannot be accessed by others. For added security, each encrypted file is sent over the Internet via a secure channel, and then stored in two redundant Level 4, SAS 70 certified, secure data centers, located hundreds of miles apart from each other.

Is the backup HIPAA compliant?
The answer is yes! The backup uses a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) technology. AES was developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology and is now the state of the art standard encryption technique for both commercial and government applications.

How do I restore my data?
There are multiple options to restore your data. For simple file restores we offer a restore option on the computer the backup software is installed on. There is also a ‘web’ restore feature available. In the event of a large data restore we offer a DVD copy of the data that can be shipped to you.