Video Surveillance

Video surveillance and monitoring of your home or business can be extremely beneficial. Hurricane Technologies can assist you in running cable, installing, configuring and maintaining your NVR/DVR system.

Cameras are available for indoor and outdoors, daytime and nighttime. If you need to record audio too; no problem!

Benefits of Video SurveillanceVideo Surveillance Systems

  • Protection against theft, vandalism
  • Remote monitoring/access
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalability
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Possible reduction in insurance costs

Had a new cleaning company come in and refinish our floors. The next day when I came in there was a huge scratch in the floor all the way down the hallway. The cleaning company claimed the scratch was already there. I pulled up the images on the DVR which showed a guy dragging a table down the hallway. I sent the video over to the owner of the company, who immediately called his insurance company. Thank you so much for the DVR system!
– Greg DiFrancesco MD, President, Accelcare

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